• Why do you have guys answering your phones?
    Do they Escort?

    So the ladies can go out and make money snicker, snicker…We have both ladies and gentleman answering the phones. We do not discriminate. The Phone People do not Escort.
  • Why can’t you call me back on my cell phone?
    At a hotel or at home we want to ensure that you are the person calling, from that location, and not a pranker
  • The hotel charges an outrageous rate for my use of their phone!
    We understand this but there is normally no charge for incoming calls, just outgoing! Always check with the front desk.
  • In addition to the Rate the escorts quotes you (which includes the agency fee) are there any other fees…show up fees, drivers fees, taxes….etc?
    NO!!! The rate the Escorts quotes you is a TOTAL rate.
  • Do the escorts do anything besides escorting?
    No!!! In MO. and KS. you need to have a license to Entertain, Massage, Body rubs, Dance, Strip. Escorts have been arrested by le for not having a license for the above activities. Attorney cost…around $1500.00 U.S. dollars.
  • Is there more than one service called plaza?
    Yes and we are not affiliated with them in any way! Our name is Plaza Escorts or http://www.plazaescorts.com There are advertisements that uses the name Plaza to describe the areas they serve and there is another business¬† that has ladies on the end of the name Plaza…NOT US! There are also numerous variations of our name in other publications beside the Yellow pages! PLAZA ESCORTS has been in business since 1971! We have a very large cliental base. Discretion and great customer service…is the KEY to our success!!! Use other services at your own risk…
  • Is there more FYI to come
    Yes: -Feel free to e-mail us and I will place the question and answer on this page. I am grammatically challenged, but I still have my good looks, if you see misspelled words, phrases or sentence structure please contact us! We hate sounding like idiots! Thanks and have a great day!